Saturday , October 24 2020

Magic Jack Renewal Process – Very Important Information!

magic jack

If you are a Magic Jack owner, or looking to buy one, you must be aware of the following process to pay them and register your product since its not so simply.

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How to manage your IOS Device with Apple’s ICloud

i cloud

Learn step by step all the features bundled into Apple Icloud. Discover how you can make use of your devices in a whole new way!

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Outlook 2013 – Productivity tip #1


Outlook 2013 – Productivity tip #1 – Discover more time in your busy schedule. This simple trick can give you endless amount of time that you didn’t think you had before!

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Converting Raw files to JPG PNG TIFF PSD with Photoshop and Camera Raw

Jpeg to PNG

Converting Raw files to JPG PNG TIFF PSD with Photoshop and Camera Raw

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Microsoft Word 2010 vs Microsoft Word 2013

MS 2010 2013

Planning to upgrade from Office 2010 to 2013? Check out this video to see the differences. Perhaps it may encourage you to rush to get it sooner then you think!

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Amazon vs the World – Purchasing strategies

amazon vs world has some competition! Learn who they are and what they are doing to fight back!

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ABC Show – Shark Tank – Discovering the Soundbender (Season 4 Episode 14)


The “SoundBender” presentation by owner Rabbi Moshe Weiss. Time to discover what 70 million people world wide are suffering from and this Rabbi’s wise discovery! Featured on Shark Tank (Season 4 Episode 14)

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Scottsdale Traffic – Doesn’t this happen to everyone?


If this has happened to you; or even something worse, please share!! Comments and Videos demonstrating that I’m not the only one! thanks

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Microsoft Windows 8 for only 15$ Ready to download & install in minutes! Get your promo code today!

windows 8 promo

Tired of your desktop using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7; upgrade now for only 15$ to Windows 8! Learn the trick that will save you a lot of $$$ and change your PC experience forever! Here are the links within the video Windows 8 upgrade offer

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Baha Men – Who let the dogs out! Snapchat edition!


Baha Men – Who let the dogs out. This video has been created using snapchat and a little imagination. Special thanks to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger for making it! Thanks to Baha Men for releasing this great song!

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